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Arab tunes mixtape # 19 - The stones of Palestine: Songs of struggle, hope, memory and pride

Words like stones,  songs of struggle , memory and pride. This mixtape contains traditional songs and songs dedicated to the Palestinian cause. Some songs are of a ancient era, others belong to the time of the first intifada. All of them are here to remember what has been and what is not will have to be more.

Dedicated to those who continue to struggle.

Questo nuovo mixtape raccoglie brani appartenenti alla tradizione musicale palestinese e canzoni ,scritte da artisti arabi sensibii alla causa, che sono entrate nel cuore di molti . Brani come " 'Al Yadi 'Al Yadi " ,"Ya mamoweil El Hawa ","Weyn A Ramallah ","Lamma bada yatathana", " 'al Rozana" e "Ala Dalo'ona" hanno origine antica, alcune di epoca ottomana, e rappresentano un patrimonio musicale per tutta l'area del levante.

Altre canzoni appartengono invece ad un epoca relativamente recente : "Ounadikom " è il brano ,scritto ed interpretato da Ahmad Qa'bour, diventato un vero e proprio inno ai tempi della prima intifada, "Wayn al malayyen" , canzone interpretata da Julia Boutrus , infiamma ancora gli animi per la sua grande forza esortativa, " Wu'ud min al Asifa" è una della molte belle canzoni che Marcel Khalife ha scritto utilizzando le parole di Mahmoud Darwish, il più ispirato e toccante tra i poeti palestinesi. 

Il brano "Sajjel  Ana Arabi " è  anch'esso trasposizione musicale di una poesia di Darwish (carta di identità). Viene qui eseguito da George Qurmouz ( o Kirmiz, a seconda delle traslitterazioni) , uno dei grandi interpreti dimenticati della musica palestinese.
Canzoni diverse , di epoche diverse ma con denominatori comuni , la tradizione, la memoria,l'amore e la voglia di lottare che non è mai venuta meno al popolo palestinese, umiliato, tradito ma mai domo.

Dopo aver pubblicato molti post dedicati alla musica contemporanea mi è sembrato doveroso fare un salto nel passato. Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita.

Dedicato agli ostinati e a chi continua a credere e a lottare nonostante le avversità.

Fanculo a chi va a letto con il nemico.

 01 Ahmad Qa'bour - Ounadikom    أناديكم
 02 Wadih El Safi  - 'Al Yadi 'Al Yadi  على  على اليادى اليادى
 03 Fairuz - Ya Meet Masa    يا ميت مسا 
 04 Abu arab - hadi ya bahr hadi  هدي يا بحر هدي 
 05 Unknown - Ya mamoweil El Hawa  يا مواويل الهوى
 06 George Qurmouz -  Sajjel  Ana Arabi     سجل أنا عربي
 07 Al Funun -  Ma Been 7efa W Jenen   ما بين حيفا و جنين 
 08 Anatolia - Weyn A Ramallah   وين ع رام الله
 09 Sabah - 'al Rozana   عالروزانا
 10 Julia Boutrus - wayn al malayyen وين الملايين
 11 Unknow - Traditional  Zaffah (Wedding Marsh)
 12 Ahmad Qa'bour -Irhal  ارحل
 13 Sana mousa - Lamma  bada yatathana  لما بدا يتثنى 
 14 Mustafa al Kurd - Ya Hala  ياهلا
 15 Anatolia -  Ala Dalo'ona  على دلعونة
 16 Marcel Khalife - Wu'ud min al Asifa وعود من العاصفة 
 17  Unknown- Palestinian Folk Song 
 18 Sheikh Imam - Ya Falasteeniyah   يا فلسطينية
 19 Al Ashqin-Band- min sagin akka  من سجن عكا.
 20 Unknown - Mawtini موطني  (Palestine national  Anthem )


Arab tunes mixtape # 19 - The stones of Palestine: Songs of struggle, hope, memory and pride from lazyproduction on 8tracks Radio.

                          Some lyrics / بعض كلمات


Ahmed Qabour - Ounadikom /أحمد قعبور - أناديكم

I'm calling you (the you in this song is the plural you or y'all if you prefer)
I shake your hands
I kiss the ground beneath your feet (literally, 'soles')
And say, "I'd die for you/I will redeem you"

(the word fada "فدى" is a verb that means to "redeem", but in this context it has the meaning that he would die for them, because this word has the connotation of sacrificing yourself for someone else. Jesus Christ "the Redeemer" is sometimes call فادي in English, for example )

I dedicated to you the light of my eyes (also kind of like giving your life to someone)
And I give you the warmth of my heart
And the tragedy that I live is that my fate is the same of yours

I have not become worthless in my country
Nor have I shrunk in fear
I stood in the face of my oppressors
A naked, barefoot orphan

I've carried my blood on my hands and never half-masted my flags
And I've preserved the green grass on the graves of my ancestors

أشد على أياديكم..
أبوس الأرض تحت نعالكم
وأقول: أفديكم

وأهديكم ضيا عيني
ودفء القلب أعطيكم
فمأساتي التي أحيا
نصيبي من مآسيكم

أشد على أياديكم..

أنا ما هنت في وطني ولا صغرت أكتافي
وقفت بوجه ظلامي
يتيما، عاريا، حافي

حملت دمي على كفي
وما نكست أعلامي
وصنت العشب أخضر فوق قبور أسلافي


Marcel Khalife - Wu'ud min al Asifa / مارسيل خليفة - وعود من العاصفة

And so it shall be
I must refuse to die
And burn the tears of the bleeding songs
And strip the olive tree of all its fake branches
For if I was singing for joy
Behind the eyelids of scared eyes
It is because the storm has promised me wine
And new toasts (celebratory, not bread)
And rainbows
And because the storm
Swept away the sound of idle sparrows
And the naked branches
From the stems of the standing tress

And so it shall be
I must be proud of you oh wound of the city
You, my picture of lightning in our sad nights
The street frowned at me
So you protect me from the shadows and the hateful looks (of others)

I will sing for joy
Behind the eyelids of scared eyes
Since the storm has sprung up in our country
It has promised me wine and rainbows

وليكن ...
لا بدّ لي أن أرفض الموت
وأن أحرق دمع الأغنيات الراعفةْ
وأُعري شجر الزيتون من كل الغصون الزائفة
فإذا كنت أغني للفرح
خلف أجفان العيون الخائفة
فلأن العاصفة
وعدتني بنبيذ
وبأنخاب جديدة
وبأقواس قزح
ولأن العاصفة
كنّست صوت العصافير البليدة
والغصون المستعارة
عن جذوع الشجرات الواقفة

وليكن ...
لا بد لي أن أتباهى بك يا جرح المدينة
أنت يا لوحة برق في ليالينا الحزينة
يعبس الشارع في وجهي
فتحميني من الظل ونظرات الضغينة

سأغني للفرح
خلف أجفان العيون الخائفة
منذ هبّت في بلادي العاصفة
وعدتني بنبيذ وبأقواس قزح

Mawtini موطني (Palestine national Anthem )

This is a Palestinian poem originally composed by Ibrahim Tuqan and set to music by Muhammad Fuliefil in 1934. It has become the natoinal anthem for Palestine and Iraq.

The majesty, beauty, sublimity and splendor
In your hills, in your hills
Life, survival, bliss and hope
In your air, in your air

Do I see you? Do I see you?
Safely at ease and soundly honored
Will I see you in your highness?
Reaching the "Samaak" (Stars, Astrological term, Arcturus and Spica Virginis in English)
My country, my country

The youth will not tire of their determination to free you or perish
We drink from ruin and will not become to our enemies
Like slaves, Live slaves
We do not want, do not want
Our eternal shame and our troubled life
We don't want but to return our inherited glory
My country, my country

My country, my country
The sword and the pen, not talk and dispute, are our symbol
Our glory and our vow
And our duty to be faithful move us
Our honor, our honor is an honorable purpose
While the banner streams
Oh its beauty, oh its beauty
In its highness, its highness
Subjugating its enemies, subjugating its enemies
My country, my country

الجـلالُ والجـمالُ والسَّــناءُ والبَهَاءُ
فــي رُبَـــاكْ فـــي رُبَــاكْ

الحياة والنجاة والهـناءُ والرجـاءُ
فــي هـــواكْ فــي هـــواكْ

هـــــلْ أراكْ هـــــلْ أراكْ

سـالِماً مُـنَـعَّـما وَ غانِـمَاً مُـكَرَّمَاً
هـــــلْ أراكْ في علاك

تبـلُـغُ السِّـمَـاكْ تبـلـغُ السِّـمَاك

الشبابُ لنْ يكِلَّ هَمُّهُ
أنْ تستَقِـلَّ أو يَبيدْ
نَستقي منَ الـرَّدَى
ولنْ نكونَ للعِــدَى
لا نُريــــــدْ لا نُريــــــدْ
ذلَنـا المُـؤَبَّـدا وعَيشَـنَا المُنَكَّـدا
لا نريد بل نعيد
مَـجـدَنا التـليـدْ مَـجـدَنا التّليـدْ


موطني ....موطني
الحسام و اليراع لا الكلام و النزاع رمزنا...رمزنا
مجدنا و عهدنا وواجب الى الوفاء يهزنا...يهزنا
غاية تشرف و راية ترفرف
غاية تشرف و رايه ترفرف
يا هناه..ياهناه
في علاه...في علاه
قاهرا عداه قاهرا عداه


 Mawtiny played by  Hani Mitwasi   superstar  Hani Mitwasi

Julia Boutros - Wein El Malayeen 

Where are the millions (million Arabic), wher’s the Arabic nation, where’s the Arabic furious, where’s the Arabic esteem?

Where’s Arabic dignity? Where are the millions

Where are they?
(I’m sorry I’m not sure of the word, it’s either flasha or frasha, I couldn’t figure out coz it’s Libyan accent, but for the meaning)
The kids of the rich people rest peacefully and millions are suffering

There is in my chest arsenal machine gun, …..

(I don’t know what does the second part means)

It’s time to sleep, the pasha slept and we’re still homeless

Armies are showing on TV screens and the weapons rusted because of storing.
(means that armies only for shows and weapons aren’t in use, so they rusted)

Revolution needs real men

Can’t be bought with money

Revolution of a nation with stones in hands, who challenged fleets

Sacrifices old people and youth as duty not favoring

The strength inside the ribs is much more stronger than ironclads

Allah is with us, mightier and stronger than people of Zionist… even if they hanged us, killed us, buried us… my land won’t be despised (means we won’t care

My “reddish” blood irrigates the green in “lemon” sour taste

We’re stronger than mountain

Superior than sand

Inside captivity we sing our martyrs are living
(You know in Islam the martyrs are not considered as dead)

Out the captivity we fight, not giving up nor loosening

I called for help and I got null from the 100 million

They’re waking up at night, then sleeps and never see what’s happening around

Dignity at the bottom, and my home is empty and deserted and they’re full of money and sons

They forgot about me, they don’t know what’s happening to me, and I’m born in jails

(means kids are born is jail and captivity)

I called for the armies, but they haven’t heard my voice

We were given the option and we chose sour

(which is defending our land, leaving it and dying for it)

and we know about the price

We faced the ordnance and molecule (molecular weapons)

with a sling and knife

In the absence of Arabic unity wounds are extravasated

The devoted mother is offended and the aged is weeping

The innocent child is killed and the sucker is los

And the refugee with folded tent asking wondering where to go
You filled banks, and forgot Yamouk (means Yarmouk battle)

When will unity come true, so we’re like steady dam

With great army and under one flag, that retrieves the maltreated people

We’re the truth and the revolution

And they’re the elephant owners

Truth and revolution generation

Continual following each other birds

We should throw them with stones

Argil stones
Never kneel, nor obey (to the squatter)

And their deception is lost

The strength inside the ribs is much more stronger than ironclads

Even we all vanish, oh time write down that we won’t betray our land

Revolution is faith, revolution is headline

Revolution of a nation with stones in hands, who challenged fleets

وين الملايين وين الملايين ....الشعب العربي وين ....الغضب العربي وين .....الدم العربي وين
الشرف العربي وين ...وين الملايين
الله معانا أقوى وأكبر من بني صهيون ....يشنق يقتل يدفن يقبر أرضي ما بتهون
دمي الأحمر راوي الأخضر في طعم الليمون
الله معانا أقوى وأكبر من بني صهيون ....يشنق يقتل يدفن يقبر أرضي ما بتهون
دمي الأحمر راوي الأخضر في طعم الليمون ...نار الثورات ما تسعر نحنا المنتصرين
أقوى من الجبال
أكثر من رمال
داخل الاعتقال نغني
شهدانا حيين
خارج الاعتقال نقاتل
لا نركع لا نلين
اللي في وسط الضلوع أقوى من الدروع ....في صدري مخزن رشاشة والبرغوثي وين
نحن الحق نحن الثورة
وهما صحاب الفيل
جيل الحق وجيل الثورة
طيور الأبابيل
لازم نرميهم بحجارة
حجارة من سجيل
لا يركع لا يسقط أسرى
وكيدها في تضليل
اللي في وسط الضلوع أقوى من الدروع ...في صدري مخزن رشاشة والبرغوثي وين
اكتب يا زمان أبدا ما نخون أراضينا والثورة عنوان
أكتب يا زمان
الثورة ايمان الثورة عنوان
أكتب يا زمان
الثورة ايمان الثورة عنوان




Abu arab - Hadi ya bahr hadi/ابو عرب - هدي يا بحر هدي

O mulberry of home, be patient with life if it oppresses
Certainly we'll be back no matter how long the jouney is
O mulberry of home, please
Certainly we'll be back no matter how long the jouney is
O sea, be calm, we've been away for a long time, give my greetings to the land we've been brought up on
Give my greetings to the olive and to my family that brought me up
And my caring mother still smells our pillow
Give my greetings to my country where my father and ancestors are buried, and the ? bird still sings for our return
And take my greetings stars ?
And the butterfly is still flying around waiting for our return
And I give my greetings to my country, and to all my maternal and paternal uncles
And the nest of ? of pigeons is still on our mulberry
And I swear I will never leave your rights my home
And no matter how long the journey is, I'll be back ?
يا توتة الدار صبرك على الزمان ان جار

لا بد ما نعود مهما طول المشوار يا يابا

يا توتة الدار حلفتك برب الكون

لا بد ما نعود مهما طول المشوار يا يابا

هدي يا بحر هدي طولنا في غيبتنا**** ودي سلامي ودي للارض اللي ربتنا

وسلملي على الزيتونه****على اهلي اللي ربوني

وبعدا امي الحنوني بتشمشم بمخدتنا

وسلم سلم على بلادي تربة بَي وجدادي****وبعدوا العصفور الشادي بغرد لعودتنا

وخدي سلامي يا نجوم ****عالبيادر والكروم

وبعدا الفراشه بتحوم عم تستنظر عودتنا

واحمل لبلادي سلام**** لخوالي ولكل العمام

وبعدوا زغلول الحمام عشوا على توتتنا

وعهد الله وعهد الثوار**** ما بنسى حقك يا دار

ومهما طولنا المشوار راجعلك يا ديرتنا




George Qurmuz -
Record I'm an Arab /   جورج قرمز سجل أنا عربي

This song is based on Mahmoud Darwish's poem "Idenity Card".

I am an Arab
And my identity card is number fifty thousand
I have eight children
And the nineth is coming after a summer
Will you be angry?
I am an Arab
Employed with fellow workers at a quarry
I have eight children
I get them bread
Garments and books
from the rocks..
I do not supplicate charity at your doors
Nor do I belittle myself at the footsteps of your chamber
So will you be angry?
I am an Arab
I have a name without a title
Patient in a country
Where people are enraged
My roots
Were entrenched before the birth of time
And before the opening of the eras
Before the pines, and the olive trees
And before the grass grew
My father.. descends from the family of the plow
Not from a privileged class
And my grandfather..was a farmer
Neither well-bred, nor well-born!
Teaches me the pride of the sun
Before teaching me how to read
And my house is like a watchman's hut
Made of branches and cane
Are you satisfied with my status?
I have a name without a title!
I am an Arab
You have stolen the orchards of my ancestors
And the land which I cultivated
Along with my children
And you left nothing for us
Except for these rocks..
So will the State take them
As it has been said?!
Record on the top of the first page:
I do not hate poeple
Nor do I encroach
But if I become hungry
The usurper's flesh will be my food
Of my hunger
And my anger!

سجل أنا عربي!


انا عربي

ورقم بطاقتي خمسون الف

واطفالي ثمانية

وتاسعهم سيأتي بعد صيف

فهل تغضب

سجل... انا عربي...

واعمل مع رفاق الكدح في محجر

واطفالي ثمانية

اسلّ لهم رغيف الخبز والاثواب والدفتر

من الصخر

ولا اتوسل الصدقات من بابك

ولا اصغر امام بلاط اعتابك

فهل تغضب


انا عربي...

انا اسم بلا لقب

صبور في بلاد كل ما فيها

يعيش بفورة الغضب


قبل ميلاد الزمان رست

وقبل تفتح الحقب

وفبل السرو والزيتون

وقبل ترعرع العشب

ابي من اسرة المحراث لا من سادة نجب

وجدي كان فلاحا بلا حسب.. ولا نسب

يعلمني شموخ الشمس قبل قراءة الكتب

ويبتي كوخ ناطور من الاعواد والقصب

فلا ترضيك منزلتي ؟

انا اسم بلا لقب !

سجل... انا عربي...

ولون الشعر فحمي ولون العين بني

وميزاتي: على رأسي عقال فوق كوفية

وكفي صلبة كالصخر.. تخمش من يلامسها

وعنواني : انا من خربة عزلاء...منسية

شوارعها بلا اسماء

وكل رجالها.. في الحقل والمحجر

فهل تغضب؟ سجل... انا عربي...

سلبت كروم اجدادي وارضا كنت افلحها

انا وجميع اولادي

ولم تترك لنا ولكل احفادي

سوى هذي الصخور..

فهل ستأخذها حكومتكم..كما قيلا

اذن !!!!!


برأس الصفحة الاولى

انا لا اكره الناس, ولا اسطو على احد

ولكني... اذا ما جعت, آكل لحم مغتصبي

حذار... حذار... من جوعي ومن غضبي

Ahmad Qaabour- Leave/أحمد قعبور - إرحل

Leave, They said to me
Soldiers who cam from far away

They said : Leave!
They came into my home..
They killed my son..
They raped my wife...

They aid : Leave!

They engraved a cave in my face
They ran over my body
They planted a bullet in my heart

They installed a tent for me

I said I will stay , a giant wound embracing my soil

and I knocked on the doors of my nation
and it was sleeping
and i was left alone
while my nation was dreaming

They came in .. while my nation was dreaming

They said : Leave!!
This is my country and you better know that the small ones
from the cycle of dreams will own the decision
from the prisons of the night it grabs the daylight
and move like storms.

إرحل.. قالوا لي

جند أتوا من بعيد

قالوا إرحل

دخلوا بيتي.. قتلوا ولدي.. إغتصبوا امرأتي..

قالوا إرحل..

حفروا في الوجه مغارة

مرّوا على جسدي

زرعوا في القلب رصاصة

نصبوا لي الخيمة..

قلت سأبقى مارداً جرحاً يعانق تربتي

و طرقت باب أمتي

وكانت نائمة و بقيت وحدي

وأمتي تحلم

دخلوا وأمتي تحلم..

قالوا إرحل..

هذه بلادي واعلموا أن الصغار

من دورة الأحلام تمتلك القرار

من سجون الليل تنتزع النهار وتمضي عواصف

Al ashqin Band - Min sajin akka /فرقة العاشقين:من سجن عكا

Three men ... and three cells
and the accusation ... the love of palestine
the penalty is death
oh ata al-zir
oh fuad hijazi
oh jamjoum
you three stars
flying above my land
and from akko a funeral for three went out
three birds hanging from the heart of the darkness
mulching my homeland with a bundle of ray

They were three men, racing for dying
Their feet raised above the neck of the oppressor
And thus became an eidolon oh uncle, And thus became an eidolon oh uncle
All over the country
oh dear ...
They ended the darkness of prison oh land for you
oh land when you call, your men arise
its Tuesday (third day) and three men are waiting the soil
Who will make it faster to give his soul to you
oh dear

From the prison of akka a funeral went out, mohammad jamjoom and fuad hijazi
oh people get them their fairing, the (british diplomate) and his group generally
Mohammad jamjoum and ata alzeer, fuad hijazai at the best of ammo
Look at the saegent and the (?), with the rule of the opressor you judge us
Mohammad says i shall be the first of you, i fear, dear atta to drink the sadness after you
Hijazi says i shall be the first of you, We fear no death nor end of life
My tenderhearted mother calling with her voice, for her the whole country is too cramped
Call fuad the soul of my heart, before we "split" to say goodbye
Im calling ata from behind the door, his sister is waiting to hear his answer
Ata oh ata the best of the youth, hit the solders and you have no fear
My brother yousef my mothers testemony to you, never, after me get anxios my dear sister
For this country i sacrificed my blood, all is for your eyes oh palestine
The three of them, died like lions, oh nation downpour with donation, downpour
For this country donate with the soul, for its freedom we are getting hanged
The caller called out, oh people its a strike, on Tuesday the will hang the young fellows
The people of courage, ata and fuad, the fear no death nor end of life.

ثلاث رجال وثلاث زنازين

والتهمة حب فلسطين

والحكم الصادر اعدام

يا عطا الزير

يا فؤاد حجازي

يا جمجوم

يا ثلاث نجوم

فوق أرض بلادي بتحوم

وطلعت من عكا جنازة لثلاث

طيور تدلا من قلب العتمة وتفرش

وطني بحزمة نور

كانوا ثلاثة رجال يتسابقوا عالموت

أقدامهم عليت فوق رقبة الجلاد

وصاروا مثل يا خال وصاروا مثل يا خال

طول وعرض لبلاد…

يا عين…

نهوا ظلام السجن يا أرض كرمالك

يا أرض يوم تندهي بتبين رجالك

يوم الثلاثا وثلاث يا أرض ناطرينك

من اللي يسبق يقدم روحه من شأنك

يا عين…

من سجن عكا طلعت جنازة محمد جمجوم وفؤاد حجازي

جازي عليهم يا شعبي جازي المندوب السامي وربعه عموما

محمد جمجوم ومع عطا الزير فؤاد الحجازي عز الدخيرة

أنظر المقدم والتقاديري بحْكام الظالم تيعدمونا

ويقول محمد أن أولكم خوفي يا عطا أشرب حصرتكم

ويقول حجازي أنا أولكم ما نهاب الردى ولا المنونا

أمي الحنونة بالصوت تنادي ضاقت عليها كل البلادي

نادوا فؤاد مهجة فؤادِ قبل نتفرق تيودعونا

بنده ع عطا من وراء البابِ أختو تستنظر منو الجوابِ

عطا يا عطا زين الشبابِ تهجم عالعسكر ولا يهابونَ

خيي يا يوسف وصاتك أمي أوعي يا أختي بعدي تنهمي

لأجل هالوطن ضحيت بدمي كُلو لعيونك يا فلسطينا

ثلاثة ماتوا موت الأسودِ جودي يا أمة بالعطا جودي

علشان هالوطن بالروح جودي كرمل حريتو يعلقونا

نادى المنادي يا ناس إضرابِ يوم الثلاثة شنق الشبابِ

أهل الشجاعة عطا وفؤادِ ما يهابوا الردى ولا المنون

'Al Rozana /عالروزانا

The song "Al Rozana (ع الروزانا)" is a folk song native to the region of the Levant or بلاد الشام, ie Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. The story behind it is that at the height of the intense wheat famine that the region experienced at the beginning of the 20th century, and Italian ship called "The Rosanna" was said to have been sent carrying food to the starving population of the Levant. Everybody was waiting in anticipation for the ship's arrival, but when it finally landed as the story goes in the song, it was carrying nothing but apples and grapes, on of the foods that the region was actually overflowing with at that time. The people cursed the ship for this reason.

Oh the Rosanna, the Rosanna, everything good is inside her
What has the Rosanna done?
God punish her!
Oh the Rosanna the Rosanna, all happiness is inside her
What has the Rosanna done?
God punish her

Hey you who are going to Aleppo, my love went with you
Hey you who are carrying grapes and on top of that apples
Everyone is with their beloved and my beloved has gone
Oh lord, may the breeze bring my lover back to me

عالروزانا عالروزانا كل الحلى فيها

شو عملت الروزانا ألله يجازيها

عالروزانا عالروزانا كل الهنا فيها

شو عملت الروزانا الله يجازيها

يا رايحين ل حلب حبي معاكم راح

يا محملين العنب فوق العنب تفاح

كل من حبيبه معه وأنا حبيبي راح

يا ربي نسمة هوى ترد الولف ليا

Lamma bada yatathanna/ لما بدا يتثنى

When he started to move coquettishly

When he started to move coquettishly

every other youth and fondle were excuted (in his eyes)

My love, his beauty took our hearts and minds/ charmed us

I redeem him (or I pay my life to him), is there any way so we re-communicate

once He nodded his head, and capture us in a moment

once He nodded his head, and capture us in a moment

In the garden between hills

a branch was taken captive us when

His love sang and leaned (his love called me and I replied)

the one who I’m promised with and the cause of my confusion

the one who I’m promised with and the cause of my confusion

I have no one to pity my complain

Of love and it’s strong passion

But not the one with beauty

But not the one with beauty

لما بدا يتثنى

لما بدا يتثنى

قضى الصبا و الدلال

أفديه هل من وصال

أومى بلحظ أسرنا

بالروض بين التلال

أومى بلحظ أسرنا

غصن سبا حينما

غنى هواه و مال

وعدي و يا حيرتي

وعدي و يا حيرتي

ما لي رحيم شكوتي

بالحب من لوعتي

إلا مليك الجمال

إلا مليك الجمال



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