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Mahmoud Guinia محمود ﯕينيا

Mahmoud Guinia (Arabic: محمود ﯕينيا‎, and rarely ﯕنيا or کانية also spelled Gania, Guinea or Khania; Born 1951), is a Moroccan Gnawa musician, singer and guembri player, who is traditionally regarded as a Maâllem (معلم محمود ﯕينيا), i.e. master.

He recorded for both domestic and foreign labels, and collaborated with numerous western musicians.

Guinia was born in the city Essaouira on the Atlantic coast. He is the second son of the master of Gnawa music, Maâllem Boubker Guinia (1927–2000) and the famous clairvoyant and "moqaddema" A'isha Qabral. His brothers Mokhtar Guinia and Abdellah Guinia are gnawa Maâllems too,and their sister Zaida is another moqqaddema.Mahmoud Guinia is married to a woman from Marrakech, with whom he has two sons and a daughter. 
His family of both the father's and mother's sides came from present day Mali. They were employed as soldiers in the sultan's army.  They are regarded as the main representatives for the style of Essaouira, the Saouiri style.

Mahmoud Guinia has put out numerous recordings, which have not been documented very well. In the 1970s or so Moroccan music label Fikriphone released records of both live Lila ceremonies and studio sessions. In the next decades it was followed by Tichkaphone, whose materials were distributed in France by Sonodisc, and Agadir's La Voix El Maarif.

The most famous western release was recorded by Bill Laswell in 1994 and featured the American saxophone player Pharoah Sanders. Another, with Peter Brötzmann and Hamid Drake, was recorded at Wels's 1996 Music Unlimited festival.

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 Mahmoud Guinia  محمود ﯕينيا - F.P 25


1) Ftih ar Rahba
2) Hammadi
3) Sala Nabina (Salihin)
4) Jilala
5) Jilali Bualam / Jilali Dawi Hali / Mulay Abdelqader
6) Allah ya Bu Derbala


Mahmoud Guinia  محمود ﯕينيا - TCK 886 ‎

01 Sast Demanio ساست ديمانيو
02 Makawyah مكاويّة
03 Ed Zalba إد زالبــا
04 Ya Jawadi يا جوادي


Password : M7sLBBJXVnyYi-qb0W4PylomDPVDNszHv4bbSaBD4NE

Mahmoud Guinia محمود ﯕينيا‎ - Gnawa's star نجم  ﯕناوة


1) Jilali Bouâlem
2) Lâayoune Dahika
3) Jwedi ya Jwedi
4) Allah Yuhibb Alkurama
5) Fofo Denba
6) Berrma Nana Soutanbi
7) Alhubb Wahid Wa Eddunya Wahida
8) Africa Muwahhada
9) Alhaqiqa
10) Al Umm


Mahmoud Guinia محمود ﯕينيا - FP41 & FP 42


1) Allah Allah Bulila
2) Yumali Ye Yumala
3) La ilaha illa Llah
4) Fulani Baba Sidi

1) Ya Sudani Bangara Bangara
2) Lalla Maymouna Sultan Gnawiya
3) Lalla Fatima Zahra - Shay Llah Dar Dammana
4) 'Awwenuna Rijal Allah Baba L'Arabi
5) Soyo Soyo Kamilana


Mahmoud Guinia محمود ﯕينيا‎ - Mimouna  مـيــمــونــة


01 Mimouna
02 Moulay Ahmed
03 Makawiya
04 Soudan



Mahmoud Guinia محمود ﯕينيا‎ - El Folani Baba Ya Sidi


01 - El Folani Baba Ya Sidi
02 - Allah Allah Ya Donia
03 - Adora Adora Ayieh
04 - Bolila Ya Bolila


Maleem Mahmoud Ghania With Pharoah Sanders -  The Trance Of Seven Colors حلم السبعة الــوان

01  La Allah Dayim Moulenah الله يا الله دايم مولانا
02 Bala Moussaka بابا موسكا
03 Hamdouchi حمدوشي
04 Peace In Essaouria السلم في الصويرة
05 Boulandi Samawi بولاندي
06 Moussa Berkiyo / Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh بابنديو , كوبالي برياه لعفو
07 Salat Anbi صلاة النبي
08 Casa Casa Atougra كازا كازا يا توكرا
09 Mrahba مرحبا


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