domenica 10 novembre 2013

DJ Lethal Skillz


01 Karmageddon (Feat. Johnny Madness)
02 Beirut City (Hanouneh, El Edd, MC Moe, Tom Young)
03 The Messenger (Feat. Omar Offendum)
04 Unity (Feat. Ramcess L'Hamorabi)
05 Operation Lost Art (Feat. Sphinx, E-Money, Rush)
06  Language of Peace (Feat. Shadia Mansour)
07  Industry Rulz (Feat. Vandal) 

08  Lookin Out (Feat. Ghost, Deen, Stormtrap, Rush, Bellywize) 
09 My Nation (Feat. Boikutt)
10 Fight the War (Feat. The Narcicyst)
11 Click Clack (Feat. MC Amin) 

12 Resistant Culture (El Edd, MC Zeinedin)
13  My Definition of Living (Feat. Qusai (A.K.A. The Don Legend)
14  Party in the Ghetto (Feat. Big A) 

15  The Guardians (Feat. W.M.D)
16  Civil Disobedience (Feat. Ramcess L'Hamorabi)
17 Thoughts from the East River (Feat. El Far3i)

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  1. Thank you for sharing my music but would appreciate more if you asked ahead for my consent to put it for free download on your blog


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