venerdì 22 novembre 2013

Arab tunes mixtape # 15 - Arab rock ?!? it's obvious darling

A selection of rock songs from the Arab world. 

The title of this mixtape was inspired by a fact happened to me not long ago.

 I was sitting in the car listening to this selection, a young girl who was returning from school was impressed by the music, approached me and asked:

"What are you listening to? What kind of music is this??"

"This is a compilation of arab rock bands" I answered

"Arab rock? But in the Arab world, there is  rock?" she asked

"it's obvious darling." was my answer.

Good listening

Dedicated to all those who do not know

01 Arba_ Sneen - Akher Zapheer
02 Ana Mesh Baghanny - Maryam Saleh
03 Ala Babu - Mashrou' Leila
04 Amona - Khalas 
05  Dood Al Khal - Mabrad
06 Taht Elard - El Morabba3
07  Dallak- Zaed Naes Feat.Badiaa Bouhrizi
08  Sout El 7oreya - Cairokee band
09  Mish mohem - Kazamada
10 Hayd 'an al jaysh -  Sahar Khalifeh
11 Bye bye 3azizi - Jadal
12  Adef - Massar Egbari
13  Saat saat - Darine Hamze
14  Balekeh - Zeid and the Wings



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