mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017

Terez Yazan & Friends تريز يزن والاصدقاء - Almond Blossom زهر اللوز

Terez Sliman, Yazan Ibraheem along with five other musicians from the Golan Heights : Hassan Nakhleh, Amr Mdah , Shadi Awidat, Rami Nakhleh in addition to Hellanh Khater. met as friends where love was purer than water and where green was not merely a colour. The seven musicians produced songs with indications of both uproar and passion. The songs speak of a HOPE that brings us back to the most beautiful beginnings - LOVE- to life’s blossom – PEOPLE- and to the eyes that LAUGH despite all the sadness of the UNIVERSE.

Almond Blossom, a musical journey, its home is the skies and earth is simply a station

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L'album "Almost Blossom" nasce dall'incontro di Terez Sliman e Yazan Ibraheem. Insieme ad altri 5 musicisti provenienti dalle alture del Golan occupato realizzano un disco di rara bellezza , un ulteriore tassello al progetto " Crossing" del musicista e produttore palestine Samer Jadarat. Le canzoni contenute in questo album parlano di amore, speranza e gioia nonostante le tante tristezze della vita. La musica è un misto di pop  rock, jazz eseguito con lo  spirito e l'accento proprio di quell'area geografica chiamata Bilad ash Shams.

Tra i musicistii coivolti nel progetto vi sono : Hassan Nakhleh, Amr Mdah , Shadi Awidat, Rami Nakhleh e Hellanh Khater


Terez Yazan & Friends تريز يزن والاصدقاء   - Almond Blossom   زهر اللوز

01 Dance for Two رقصة لتنين
02 First Rainfall أول شتوة
03 Snoring moon شخر القمر
04 Shahrazad شهرزاد
05 Embrace حضن
06 Shahrayar شهريار
07 Cloud Teardrops دمع الغيمة 

08 Hadeel هديل
09 Flying Kiss بوسة طيارة 

10 Dim Light ضي صغير
11 Will you come dream تيجي نحلم


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  1. the album title remind me of a cool band called orange blossom they used their song "ya sidi" in a french serie called "marseille" with the great actor gerard depardieu

  2. Hi Reda, thank you for the suggestion, I did not know this group. Right now I'm listening to their album "Everything Must Change". It seams very good.

  3. i have "Everything Must Change" and "Under The Shade Of Violets" who i think is a great album and this groupe is so underated if u want im gonna upload this 2 albums

  4. I've already recovered all the album, but I thank you for the offer

  5. ok as u like,and for the dissidenten discography it's coming soon


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