martedì 9 giugno 2015

Izenzaren إزنزارن - Arc 1 Arphone

Tape  Arc 1Arphone 

I found this tape in an old shop in Marrakech, among other nice things that I will publish soon.

The tape is a bit old and the quality is not great, but it's a great album.
The tracklist is a little different from what is written on the cover, which shows only 4 songs while the songs are actually 5. If anyone knows the name of the mysterious song I would be pleased to know it and I would be very grateful.

A1 Gar Asmoun ڭار أسمون
A2 Agass اڭاس
A3 Donit Tazri الدونيت تزري .
B1 Awdasse عاوداس
B2 ????


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