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Afif Bulos عفيف بولص

Afif Alvarez Bulos whose home is Beirut, Lebanon is been a teaching fellow at Harvard university where he has spent three years before getting his Ph.D in linguistics in june 1961. An associate of the Royal College of music in London, he originally intended to follow an operatic career. He has studied music in Beirut, London and Venice , and though he has given up an idea of an operatic career, he has continued to give vocal recitals in this country , in England and in the near east. He has sung at the B.B.C. and appeared on other TV and radio stations. He has a Publishied monograph on arabic music as well as piano and voice arragements of lebanese folk songs. He has also lectured in three continents on arabic musi, with the help of a tape recorder and a Harpsichord . After these experiences, he continued his studies at Harvard for a post-doctoral research.

Classical Arabic Music - A Recital of Muwashahat whit Afif Bulos & His ensemble

01 Lamma bada ( Andalusian Muwashah) 

02 Uthkurini ( Andalusian Muwashah)
03 Ya Man Yahinnu ( Modern Muwashah )
04 Biut-esh-shalahiyya ( Song without words - )
05 Ya shadiyal-alhan ( Modern Muwashah for instruments)
06 Tita ya mahla nurha ( Song of Upper Egypt)
07 Ya louru hubbiki ( Modern Muwashah for voice and instruments)
08 Wayli minal gharami ( Lebanese Air ) 

09 Al-loma ( Lebanese Air - Al-loma )


Afif Bulos عفيف بولص - Afif Bulos Sings Songs Of Lebanon, Syria & Jordan 

A1 Tafta Hindi تفتا هندي
A2 Mash’al مشعل
A3 Ala Dal`ona, `Al Yadi, Ali-`Mayyim, Ya Ghazayyel على دلعونة
A4 Bint Esh Shalibiyya بنت الشلبية
B1 'alrozana علروزنة
B2 Hayyin Darb Is Seif هين ضرب الصيف
B3 Gamil `Abaya جميل العباية 

B4 Lamma Bada Yatathanna لما بدا يتثنى
B5 Al Loma اللومة


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  1. Hi:

    Can I made a request, Mr? I've heard a few years ago some arab tunes; recently I noticed that the singer of such stuff is a woman named Mayada Bselis. My request (as a favor and doubt) is if you have this song in a better quality:, or if you have any songs of hers you can share.

    Thank you for the music. Sorry for my english, is so bad.

    Greetings from Mexico.


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