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B-Soldiers / Jnood Beirut

In 2007 four friends united to practice the thing they love, Hip-Hop music and called themselves "B-Soldiers" meaning Beirut Soldiers. From that came to birth a mixtape released in 2007 called "Mich Min Maken" which was then taken out of the internet because the band thought they can make better music when they took their musical career seriously.

In 2008 they started recording at a studio in Ajaltoun for M.O.D records after the founder loved the talent that B-Soldiers had. They released several singles at that time some are still known and loved for this date.

In 2009 B-Soldiers collaborated with rapper and producer Jabha and rapper Basbous to build what it was to be the most famous crew/record in Lebanese Hip-Hop called "Shaweri3". At that time B-Soldiers produced lots of tracks for rappers from Shaweri3 and outside Shaweri3 also helped organize and supervise the work at Shaweri3, at that year they released what became the anthem of the Lebanese Hip-Hop the song called " Hiphop Lebneneh" and lots of other singles.

In 2012 B-Soldiers collaborated with rappers Basbous and T-Rex to build a studio based in Sed El Bauchriyeh called "Zero To Hero". From that studio B-Soldiers released the collaboration track with both members of the studio called " Chou esmik" produced by Lipos from B-Soldiers.
Later on B-Soldiers collaborated with different hiphop artists in Lebanon to release the " Bi Ekhtisar" collaborative video that was released on 1-1-2013.

In 2013 now called Jnood Beirut to emphasize on the importance of delivering Lebanese Hip-Hop in the Arabic language, member Lipos collaborated with two of the finest producers in the Lebansese Hip-Hop scene Edd from Fareeq El Atrash and Elepheel to release the experimental/triphop album called "Tripnol".
Earlier that year Lipos wrote rapped and produced the single for the famous lebanese facebook page " Lebanese Memes"

 Jnood Beirut is a Lebanese Hip-Hop/Rap band founded by members Lipos & Chakk. Spreading their words in the Arabic language, both members of the team are also producers and everything in a song procedure from A to Z is done by both members only.

Being around since 2007 having started at a young age Jnood Beirut quickly made a name for themselves in the Lebanese Hiphop scene collaborating with lots of artists and making beats for lots of known artists in the region.

The 01.19.2014 have realized their first album entitled " Ta7iyeh "
which is fully written produced by the two members having only 1 collaboration song.

B-soldiers - Collection


01 Hip Hop Lebneneh - B-Soldiers
02 3ayishni - B-Soldiers ( Prod. Chakkk )

03 3raf Enno
04 Zaman - Lipos .Ft Flen LFouleneh
05 Ma Ra7 Te2dar Twa2efneh
06 Lebanese Memes - Lipos
07 La7 Machik - B-Soldiers Ft Jabha
08 Afkareh 3a Ika3 - Chakkk Ft Fairuz
09 Zero To Hero - Chou Esmik
10 Shoufineh Wen Ma Trou7eh
11 Msaddas Bi Dinek Ft. Il Nasteh
12 Hezzeh - Chakkk Ft Lipos
13 That's True - B-Soldiers Ft Choppa
14 Bye2telni Bo3dak
15 Wala Sot - Fahrass Ft B-Soldiers
16 Mafik Twa2efna - Lipos & E-Hash



Jnood Beirut - Ta7iyeh


01 Ta7iyeh (Prod Lipos)
02 Majnoon [Wa7ech] (Prod. Chakk)
03 Jnood (Prod. Lipos)

04 3am Nabich (Prod. Lipos)
05 Skit
06 Sot Bala Sada (Prod. Lipos)
07 Hiyeh (Prod. Chakk)
08 7ikeyeh (Prod. Chakk)
09  Ijebeh Feat. Raffi Nordiguian (Prod. Lipos & Raffi Nordiguian)


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