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Youssra El Hawary يسرا الهواري

Youssra El Hawary (born 1983 in Kuwait) is an Egyptian Accordionist, Composer, Songwriter and singer. 
Youssra has been playing music for her whole life. She started learning piano at age 8, and after finishing a degree in set design for theater and cinema in Egypt at Helwan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, she began performing as both an actress and a vocal performer with Al Tamye theater group, which produces performances incorporating music and storytelling,

She picked up the accordion in 2010 because she wanted an instrument she could take out and about, to play along with her friends. Not knowing she will later fall in love with the accordion
She started performing only with her accordion and Her First Live Performance was in March, 2012 with Aya Mitwally & Maii Waleed as part of Independent Combo Program

She gained popularity after her first music video, "El Soor" Or "The Wall" in April 2012 with lyrics by political cartoonist and poet Waleed Taher, El Soor features Youssra in front of a graffiti covered wall, one of the many erected by the army to block the passage between Muhammad Mahmoud street and Tahrir Square and downtown Cairo

Youssra Has been also working with The Choir Project, Egypt as a musician since it was founded in 2010
Later on, she founded the band and they worked on the arrangement of her songs and developed her music, since then they have been playing concerts and performing in festivals locally in Egypt as well as abroad.

‫عازفة أكورديون و ملحنة و مغنية مصرية
ولدت بالكويت في التاسع من أكتوبر من العام ١٩٨٣
درست نظريات الموسيقى والموسيقى الكلاسيكية على البيانو
انضمّت لفرقة الطمي المسرحية كممثلة ومغنية في ٢٠٠٧
وعملت في مشروع كورل منذ تآسيسه في ٢٠١٠
قدمت أولى حفلاتها في مهرجان كومبو مستقلّ في مارس ٢٠١٢ مع كل من آيه متولي ومي وليد
قدّمت أغنية "السور" في أبريل ٢٠١٢ وحققت الأغنية انتشاراً واسعاً

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Youssra El Hawary    يسرا الهواري - Some songs

01 Dil Madina (stranger in this city) دي المدينة 
02 manazer مناظر03 Fil Share3 (On the street) - في الشارع 
04 El Mohem (I Hope You're happy now) المهم
05 Qatret El Nada (Dewdrop) قطرة الندى
06 Bel Mazboot بالمظبوط
07 El Soor (The Wall) الســــــور
08 Rehet El Foraa ريحة الفراق
09 Ya Autobees (Hey Bus!) يا اوتوبيـــس 
10 Embare7 (Yesterday) Live Ft. Aya Mitwally & Maii Waleed آيه ، يسرا ، مي - امبارح
11 El Khoof - rehearsing with carl

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