lunedì 17 giugno 2013

Arab tunes mixtape # 12 - So you say there is no arabic experimental music ?!! Vol.2

Another mixtape of electronic music coming from the Arab world. Another piece for the construction of a different imaginary. A selection of music a little more tricky. The experimental sounds of Palestinians multimedia artists ,the electronic processing of Tunisian artists together under the "Sonic resistance for dignity",some old favorites and some pleasant surprises.

Dedicated to the kids of Istanbul and to all those who question the order and power.

Fuck you from the bottom of my heart to : EU, BCE, FMI, the Italian Government, Israeli settlers, all fundamentalist religious groups, Beppe Grillo, all Italian trade unions, Standard & Poor's, Moody's and other similar crap but especially to the district counselor lady (???) Dolores Valandro and to all the subhumans who compose and / or support the Northern League. 

To all other Peace & prosperity.

01 Ya3tina 3asba - Bandouch  (Tunisia)
02 Accent Circonflexe - Cosmic Analog Ensemble (Lebanon)
03 Betrayel - Bikya (Egypt)
04 Brother, Angel - Hello, Psychaleppo! (Siria)
05 Dubbuka (With Zied Ghozzia) (Tunisia)
06 Intro - Tashweesh (Palestine)
07 Jinju Dervish- John Kameel Farah
08 Ghaba - Shorba (Egypt)
09 Apathetic Chronology - Liliane Chlela  (Lebanon)
10 Of air and ether - RadioKvm  (Lebanon)
11 Percussive - Ziad al Hamruni aka Shinigami san (Tunisia)
12 Tkhayal -Conceive (Radiokvm Remix) - Rass & Munma (Lebanon)
13 Arabistan - Elepheel (Lebanon)
14 Rock ze kasba - Hayej  (Tunisia)
15 the echo of silence - ibrahim zammel  (Tunisia)
16 The Innocent - Shams Asma (Palestine)

Front cover by El Seed

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