mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

Salalem سلالم

“A 6 piece Egyptian pop band, Singing Sarcastic lyrics with a groovy twist”, That’s how we describe ourselves.The band started in 2004 when Mohamed Ali, Osama Saad and Amr Gioushy decided to combine their musical talents together to make music that’s different, catchy and at the same time new and meaningful.Presented by Arabic lyrics that speak out the issues concerning today’s youth life, Salalem continues to do their best in improving and turning their musical ideas into songs that are excitedly welcome by their audience.

Salalem’s songs are the type that have no specific genre. Due to the band members’ diverse influences, the outcome becomes a little bit of everything. In the end, funky grooves are produced to the audience fused with sarcastically humorous Egyptian lyrics, which is what makes Salalem special; the sarcastic perspective of life.
Band Members:
Mohamed Ali "Walkman" - Guitar, Vocals
Osama Saad "Oss" - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Amr Sayed "Solo" - Guitar
Mohammed Jamal "Jimi" - Lead Vocals
Ezz Shahwan "El General" - Bass
Sherif Nabil - Drums

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Salalem سلالم - Kelma Abee7a كلمة أبيحة

01 Al Zol
02 Kelma Abee7a
03 Kees El Chipsy
04 Seb-ha 3ala Allah
05 Ana Sa3eed
06 Fil Autobees
07 Atama (Live)
08 Zahma


09 El Donya Oda
10 ya sayed ya mas2oul
11 Ma3leshy


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