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Khalas خلص

Khalas origniated from the new Arabic and Oriental scene that is currently emerging in the Middle East. The Palestinian band inoculates sensual Arabic beats and lyrics with aggressive metal riffs. Bread on various musical moods, such as AC/DC, System of a down, Black Sabbath, etc… and stars from the Arab world: Muhammad Abd el wahab, Om Kolthum and Asmahan. The band composes original sounds while getting strong insipration from the classical Arabic repertoire all of which ruthlessly embedded with Rock and Metal arrangements.
In 2004, Khalas released their first LP “Ma Adesh Feeha” (We’ve Had It). The album hit number one in several local radio stations and music magazines. Through the years, Khalas fan base worldwide grew and in 2005, they embarked on a tour in Spain, Italy and Sarajevo.

Today, in 2012, Khalas started to dig deeper into the Classical repertoire and decided to expand their musical performance to include 4 more traditional Arabic instruments, a new vocalist and a Sufi Dancer.

Khalas خلص - Ma Adesh Feeha

01 Inta Omri - إنت عمري

02 El Malek Aryan - الملك عريان
03 Nowsal La Janeh - نوصل لجنّة
04 Ablek - قبلِك
05 Heni Arfeen - هنّي عارفين
06 Ma Adesh Feha - ما قديش فيها
07 Biladi - بلادي
08 Shokran - شكرًا
09 Waraka Beda - ورقة بيضا

Khalas خلص - Arabic rock orchestra EP

01 Badek Zaafi
02 Haz El Adala
03 Inta Omri
04 Hebbina
05 Amona

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