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Yolla Khalifé يولّا خليفة

Born in Jezzine (South of Lebanon). Her love for music and singing was known since childhood
Impressed by religious songs and popular celebrations in the village.
Pursued her studies in philosophy at the Lebanese University in Beirut, singing with a group of young people “Mouachahat” and heritage melodies.
Participated in the creation of the group “Al Mayadine “in Beirut in 1977 with Marcel Khalife (composer, musician and interpreter) with whom she founded a family and gave birth for 2 children Rami and Bachar.

From 1978 until 1980, Yolla was singing with the group in many festivals such as “The Democratic Youth Festival” in Cuba and Berlin, and “Carthage Festival” in Tunisia.

After 1980 Yolla took a distance from her artistic activity until she came back in 2000 with the same group.
From 2000 till 2013 she participated at many Arabic, European and American tours and also different Lebanese and international festivals Among which :

“Jarash” Festival in Jordan.
Tours in Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar, , United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Soudan and Syria.
“ Beit El Ddine” and Tyre Festivals ( Lebanon )
International Book Fair ( Frankfurt)
Bozar Theatre ( Brussels )
“Salle de L’Unesco” and Salle “Pleyel” ( Paris)
Opera House (Cairo- Egypt )
“ Arabesque” Festival ( Kennedy Center Washington )
“ Fez” Festival for sacred music ( Morocco )
“ Barbican “ theatre ( London )
“ World Trade Center “ ( Dubai )

At the same time of her activity with the group “Al Mayadine”, she developed her own taste and conception for art.

She combined the singing with the body expression, making the art the language of the soul ,which allowed her to go solo or with “Al Makedonia” group in:
“Centre du Marais”,” Cabaret Sauvage”

“Institute of Arab World”,” Centre Pompidou” ( Paris )
“La Fete de l’Humanite” ( La Courneuve )

“Les rencontres Culturelles du Riquet “( south of France )
Health International Film Festival in “ Odeum Kos island “ ( Greece )
“World Music Festival” in Bitola, Skopje Museum( Macedonia )
“Janackovy Hukvaldy Festival” ( Czech Republic )

Other musical and dance spectacles with “ Centre de Dances Orientales “ in Paris and the company “Danse Ma Joie”
In 2007-2008 Yolla participated at “Hey don’t forget the Cumin” with the director Hala Al Abdallah,who also directed a documentary about Yolla for “France Culture” & Deutschland” radios.

Yolla enriched her vocal experience with Selima Al Khalaf, Catherine Estourelle, Lesle Akl, Mary Mahfouz and the singer Aicha Redouane.

As a solo artist she has released three albums:

"Aah " (2011)

"Aah...aah " (2013)
"Hawak" (2015 )

She also participated at  the album of Marcel Khalife " Fall of the Moon ", singing with him in the song “Wassaya Houriya” .

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Yolla Khalifé يولّا خليفة – Aah آه

01 Sorrow 
02 Say It Is Love 
03 I Love the Night 
04 Ah ya zain 
05 Henna 
06 Praying for Him 
07 Sleep My Little One
08 Born Anew 
09 The Flower Wreath 
10 Pining 
11 I Cried Out in Passion 
12 Pines of Jezzine 


Yolla Khalifé يولّا خليفة – Aah…aah آه وآه

01 Let Me Love You  دعني أحبك
02 When You Touch  حين تلمس
03 When I Love You  عندما أحبك 
04 We Are All From Clay كلنا من تراب 
05 Do Not Look  لاتنظر
06 O My Heart  ياقلبي 
07 When I am a Child  وأنا طفلة 
08 In my Wings  في جناحي 
09 Travel  ترحال  



Yolla Khalife يولا خليفة - Hawak هواك

01 Ya habibi يا حبيب
02 Ya Mraata يا امرأ
03 Sawti صوتي
04 Anta أنت
05 Laka لك
06 Hawak هواك
07 Law لو 

08 Wassla
09 Lemon الليمون


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