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Bachar Mar-Khalifé بــشــار مــارســيــل خــلـيــفــة

Bachar Mar-Khalifé is a French Lebanese singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist born in the town of Beyrouth in 1983, 13 February.
He is the son of the legendary Eastern-Lute player Marcel Khalifé and of the  singer Yolla
Khalifé, Brother of Rami Khalifé (a member of the band Aufgang).

He grew up listening to the voice and Lebanese compositions of his father . After training with Abd Al Rahman El Bacha, he went on to the Boulogne Conservatoire, where he gradually gave form to his singular approach to piano and percussions, alongside fellow students Rami Khalifé of course (his brother, piano), but also Aymeric Westrich (drums, synths) and Alexander Angelov (bass, backing vocals), who all took part in the elaboration of his first album in 2010 titled  " Oil Slick ".

During his musical career worked with conductors Lorin Maazel, James Gaffigan as well as with the Orchestre national de France and the Ensemble intercontemporain. He has collaborated on many projects that fuse jazz, world music, electronic and hip-hop with artists as diverse as Bojan Z, Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Murcof or Kery James.

He’s composed soundtracks for various films such as Layla Fourie, directed by Pia Marais and praised in 2013 Berlinale as well as Fièvres by Hicham Ayouch praised in 2015 Fespaco.

Artistically, he is linked to the French electronic music label InFiné with which he created, besides the aforementioned " Oil Slick ", the albums " Who's Gonna Get The Ball From Behind The Wall Of The Garden Today ? " in the 2013 and " Ya balad " in the 2015, a projection of Bachar’s childhood memories and the paths of exile, mainly sung in Arabic as an open letter to Lebanon, his native country.

Bachar Mar-Khalifé بــشــار مــارســيــل خــلـيــفــة - Oil Slick بــقــعــة نــفــط

01 Progeria
02 Distance
03 Around the Lamp
04 Marée Noire
05 Democratia
06 NTFntf'


Bachar Mar-Khalifé بــشــار مــارســيــل خــلـيــفــة  -  Who's Gonna Get The Ball From Behind The Wall Of The Garden Today ?

01 Memories

02 Ya Nas
03 Mirror Moon
04 Machins Choses (feat. Kid A)
05 Marea Negra
06 Xerîbî  
07 Progeria (Solo Version)
08 Requiem
09 K-Cinerea
10 Distance (Solo Version)




Bachar Mar-Khalifé بــشــار مــارســيــل خــلـيــفــة - Ya Balad 

01 Kyrie Eleison

02 Balcoon
03 Lemon
04 Layla
05 Yalla Tnam Nada (feat. Golshifteh Farahani)
06 Wolf Pack
07 Ya Balad
08 Madonna
09 Laya Yabnaya
10 EII3
11 Dors mon gas(e)


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