lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Malafat ملفات - Ashan Nakol عشان ناكل

Malfat is a collaborative project created by spoken word artist Aly Talibab & Dijit (pseudonym behind which hides the electronic musician Hashem L . Kelesh ). The project was born with the objective to test the interactions between sound and word. Occasionally joins the duo the spoken word artist As Dee (real name Sara el-Dayekh), whose voice was already used by Dijit in several songs for his solo project.
In 2014 the work of Malafat materialize in an album titled "Ashan Nakol". The album is a Fresh and unconventional artistic expression that aims to reflect on the life in Cairo as experience and how it is imagined.

 Malafat ملفات - Ashan Nakol عشان ناكل 

 01   مقدمة ممذوقة
 02   الرحلة رقم ٩٠
 03   جلد البقر
 04  فئران تجارب
 05  عالم بارد
 06    ميه
 07   الخامس
 08  قتلت راجل النهارده
 09 الوقت



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