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Omar Kamel عمر كامل

Omar Kamel is a well-traveled contemporary musician from Egypt. His multi-cultural background can be seen in the diversity of music he's written, composed, and produced. It's been said that it would be an injustice to pin him down to one genre - he has produced world-dance instrumentals, electronic pieces, alt-pop songs in English.

Omar Kamel works as a writer, a musician, a freelance video director, graphic designer, and photographer.

Omar is now preparing to release his first album of Arabic songs, provisionally titled 'Mamnou3 El Initizar'. The tracklist so far includes the tracks 'Shafshaq', 'El Wa7sh El Motamadin', 'Be3eed', 'Ghali', 'Tadrib', and a few other tracks :)

Previous to this, Omar has released three retail albums (Shabaka, SunDance, & MoonRise) and two online collections - the freely downloadable electronic album titled "A Fish Called Valis" (under the name The Pink Beam Consortium) and "SeptiC", and album of English Rock/Pop/Alternative tracks (under the bandname GoldFish Euphoria).

He has done work in social awareness and is currently working on various musical projects as well as developing scripts for television & cinema productions

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Omar Kamel's official site :  UBIKMEDIA 
Omar Kamel's  blog :  KARMAMOLE


Omar Kamel عمر كامل - Shabaka


01 Shoa'a
02 El Mowatin El Salih
03 El Sitt
04 Human Rights
05 Hal Toureed An Togarib
06 Any Day Now
07 Al Computer
08 Tahrik El Gism
09 I'tibarat
10 Planet India
11 Fed Up
12 One World
13 Ma'a Al Lib 

14 Ambience
15 El Solhofa'
16 E-Ghypsy


Omar Kamel عمر كامل - SunDance

01 SunDance  
02 Egypt (Will Outlast Us All) 
03 Dancing Down the Stairs  
04 Bomb A  
05 Gamal's Country  
06 Cidade Escondida De Deus 
07 Words of Love & Light
08 Purr-Caution  
09 Flow  
10 Bondoq, Khamees Bondoq
11 Dizzy Stradlin'


Omar Kamel عمر كامل - A Fish Called VALIS

01 Bukowski
02 It's a Dick life

03 R&G Coins
04 Ubik
05 Your Brain
06 Conspiracy
07 Out there with the flag
08 Havn a good time
09 Thumb
10 Veehicle
11Trained to Giggle
12 Israelstine
13 We've Lost Ragy omar
14 But i Tried
15 Logic of war


Omar Kamel عمر كامل -  MoonRise

01 MoonRise
02 Hawaii Psych-O 

03 G. Fandango
04 Ear to the Ground
05 Antateus
06 Up in a Tree
07 Running Up a Dune
08 17 Feet Off the Ground
09 One Night in March
10 20,000 Leagues
11 Purr-Caution X (Drums)


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    sono felicissima di trovare un post dedicato a Omar Kamel. Leggo sempre il suo blog. Lo trovo molto interessante. grazie :)


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