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El GITS ( The Jets) الجيتس - DISCOGRAPHY

El Gits (The Jets) was founded by Samir Habib , who was a music prodigy with a taste that harked back to old Arabic classicals; a musician who wanted to make old music new so, he re-wrote music for most popular 'baladi' (local folk), 'tarabyat' (old classical tunes), 'Fairuzyat/Rahbaniyat' (music of the Brothers Rahbani who also composed songs for Fairuz), 'Wahabyat' (music of Mohammed Abdel-Wahab), The Bandali Family... etc in a new format, making it sound amazingly cool.
Then, and after gaining a meager foothold at the Cairo club scene (they started playing at the famous Good Shot club in 1975 which was a-buzz with tourists who at that time, wanted to get a taste of that 70's 'eastasy' that was going all around the Arab world), the Jets started to write their own music soon and issued one album after the other (mostly on Compact-Cassettes), besides getting invited to sing and play at private parties, weddings, open-air small festivals, and even make music for commercials and quiz shows on Egypt T.V..

El Gits  , were a rock band collective which had a huge popularity in a competitive music-sphere, set there at the topmost spot among many Egyptian 70s' bands like Ferqat Al-Masrieen ('The Egyptians Band' with Hani Chinoudah), Ferqat Al-Houb Wa Al-Salam ('The Love And Peace Band'), Ferqat Al-Asdeka'a ('The Friends Band'), The Black Coats, Les Petite Chats, Sahara Band, Ferqat Al-Nahar ('Morning'), Ferqat Al-Insan ('Human'), Ferqat Ashorouk ('The Rising Sun'), Tiebah (Hussein & Moudi El-Imam), Dr. Izzat Ouf & The 4-M Band ... etc. The original lineup was made of six members but it grew to seven when pop female singer Iman Younis joined them from Al-Masrieen Band to sing in an album (Abu Shanabat: a children's songs album), in the mid-80's. She has now a music school ('Emylise School for Music'), and leads a happy content life teaching kids how to play various instruments and how to practice singing.

As same for most of the above-mentioned bands, the Jets disbanded and some of its members spent the rest of their lives singing at hotels and bars to a gaggle of gawp-happy tourons (tourist morons). Samir Habib quit the band in the late 80's and the remaining members regrouped with Iman for one last album (Ya Police), adding a saxophone (read: lame), and keyboards (read again: lamer), with Jalal Saleh as co-singer to Iman's sing-a-longa voice. Few months on, and then the band went poof forever. The Jets sounded like almost any 70's Arabeat rockers in their first years: fuck-you garage-y raw guitar strings, heavy 'chunk' drumming with a hollow echo-effect to it (studio engineering was mediocre, mind), and head-swirling rock lyrics. But, the over-all groovtacular proto-prog, psych-band sound was drowned as the early-80s' Melodelica tunes rolled in and their songs started to erm, suck. All 'nd all, many styles are there to pick and choose from. So, let's enjoy this rare music sung in Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, and English.(Whews! Must 'ave been the tourons. So 'worldelica!').


فريق الجيتس

فرقة الجيتس التى أنشأها الملحن والموزع سمير حبيب ولحن معظم أغانيها
فقد بدأت مشوارها القصير من خلال أعادةتوزيع بعض الأغنيات القديمة ذات الشهرة الواسعة قبل أن يكون لها أعمالها الخاصة
وبعد أصدار عدة ألبومات توقفت الفرقة وتفرغ منشؤها لتلحين الفوازير وعدد من الأعلانات

Fondé en 1975 par le compositeur et producteur Samir Habib, le groupe El Gits commence son parcours par la reprise de chansons anciennes et populaires.
C’est en animant des spectacles dans les restaurants et les hôtels qu’El Gits se fait connaître par le public, ce qui les motive à produire leurs propres chansons dont la plupart sont composées par Samir Habib.
Malgré le succès rencontré par le groupe, ce dernier ne fait pas une longue carrière musicale puisque les membres d’El Gits se séparent en 1978 en laissant de très nombreux albums. En effet, malgré une période courte de production, El Gits lance plusieurs disques comme « Ya Police » avec les titres « Balash Enad », « Albak We Maly », « Layalina », « Khodna Ya Hob », « Katakito Bony », « Hamaty »...
« Sidi Ya Sidi » est un album qui rencontre aussi beaucoup de succès avec les chansons « Da Habeby », « Lama Tekbary », « Ihna Ya Fandy », « Nasit Eleshra », « Ya Ward »...
D’autres opus ont suivi comme « El Meya Yafandy », « Alo Alo », « Abo Chanabat », « Abd El Roten » et enfin « Shed Elhizam » sorti en 1978.
Depuis la dissolution d’El Gits, Samir Habib se consacre à la composition musicale .

(Souerce :

El Gits  الجيتس   - Shed el hezzam شد الحزام 

01 Shed Elhizam
02 Linda Linda Diji Ya Rababa
03 Dalony Ala El Eyoun
04 Yama Bkina
05 Ena Gar
06 El Helwa Di
07 Salma Ya Salama
08 Ok Ok
09 Yama Sawa
10 Ahwak Music
11 Mazika Ya Mazika
12 Qesm Charki
13 Zay El Lila
El Gits  الجيتس - Sidi Ya Sidi    سيدي يا سيدي

01 Sidi Ya Sidi
02 Ya Ward Rala Foul We Yassamin
03 Khalasna El Emtihanat
04  Aboha Rady
05 Fi Elbousta
06 Nasit Eleshra
07 Haram Haram
08 Ihna Ya Fandy
09 Lama Tekbary
10 Da Habeby
11 Ya Ward Rala Foul We Yassamin Music
12 Da Habeby Music


El Gits  الجيتس  -   Alo Alo آلو آلو

01 Alo Alo 
02 Wahed Afandy
03 Telat Ya Mahal
04 Beny We Benak 
05 Atshan Ya Sabaya
06 Alby We Miftaho
07 Men Alby Wallah
08 Shatra Ya Amoura
09 Ya Retny Ma Kont Habit 
10 Aashanek Ya Set El Hosn
11 Ya Donia Lih
12 Beny We Benak Fih Asserar Music


 El Gits  الجيتس  - Ya Police

01 Yama Shal El Enaby
02 Ya Police
03 Hamaty
04 Katakito Bony
05 Balash Enad
06 Layalina
07 Khodna Ya Hob
08 Albak We Maly
09 Balash Enad Music


 El Gits  الجيتس  -  Abo Chanabat   ابو الشنبات

01 Gedo Ya Gedo
02 Abo El Fasad
03 Abo Shanbat
04 Mama Ya Helwa
05 Trek Trak
06 Sabah El Khir
07 Ana Batot
08 Samy Taht El Shagara
09 Ma Fish Fayda 
10 Ana Ghawya El Mazika
11 Shetrang


 El Gits  الجيتس  -  El Meya Ya Fandy الميه يافندي

01 Talab El Qahwa
02 El Meya Ya Fandy
03 Mishina Mishina
04 Sahby El Wahid
05 Ya Alby Ya Katakit
06 Edrabha Tabanga
07 Safer Alby Meak
08 Ya Khoga El Banat
09 Gadaa We Aayek
10 Ely Ghabo Aanna


 El Gits  الجيتس  -  Abd El Roten

01 Aho Da Lesar
02 Edkoreny
03 El Qamh
04 Banat El Eshreen
05 Haly Teaban Ya Layla
06 Abd El Roten
07 Ala Ad Elil Ma Ytoul
08 Nemrat Telephoni
09 Yabalady Ya Ghalya
10 Ya Sgher Ala Elhawa


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