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Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار

Gnawa Diffusion is a French and Algerian Gnawa music band based in Paris, France. The group's lead singer, Amazigh (literally meaning 'Free Man' in Tamazight), is the son of the Algerianwriter and poet Kateb Yacine. Although there is a strong Gnawa influence, the band is noted for its mix of reggae and roots music. Gnawa Diffusion is very popular in Algeria and is also well known in many other countries including Morocco and France. The band's lyrics are in Arabic, Tamazight, French and English. Gnawa Diffusion started their career in 1993 with the release of the album Légitime différence.

Members of the band:
Amazigh Kateb - vocal and gimbri
Mohamed Abdenour - mandolin, banjo, krakebs, choir
Pierre Bonnet - bass
Philippe Bonnet - drums
Salah Meguiba - Keyboard, oriental percussion, choir
Pierre Feugier - guitar, choir, krakebs
Abdel Aziz Maysour
Amar Chaoui - percussionist, choir

The lead singer's lyrics are often controversial. Themes range from discussions of poverty in Algeria or corruption in government to denunciations of global military actions and perceived imperialism. Nevertheless, in spite of a strong political direction, this band also has more entrancing numbers which focus on self-determination and improvement.

(Source : Wikipedia)

Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار -  Algeria

1 Algeria

2 Baba El Gnawi
3 Menjani
4 Frik Fashion
5 Reche Sous le Cheche
6 Inaal Ding Dingue Dong
7 Istikbar
8 Bleu Blanc Gyrophare
9 H'mar Dem
10 Baba Salem
11 Pi R2
12 Istikbar  

13 Ombre-Elle  
14 Saharagga  
15 Grass A L'herbe
16 Koubayara


Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار - Bab El Oued Kingston بـــاب الـــواد كـــيــنــغــســتــون

01  Madanga
02  Ouvrez les stores
03  Kabariou
04 Bab El Oued Kingston
05 H'moum Zawalia
06 Syndikaina
07 Chara'Allah
08 Daka Bambara
09 Sabrina/Gaz naturel
10 Gazel au fond de la nuit


Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار -  Dz Liv


Disc 1

1 Procession Début
2 H'moum Zawalia 
3 H'moum Zawalia (Variation) 
4 Intro
5 Algeria 
6 Intro
7 Saharagga 
8 Match Bettikh 

Disc 2

1 Match Bettikh (Instrumental) 
2 Intro
3 Bab El Oued Kingston 
4 Sabrina
5 Istikbar (Ombre-Elle) 
6 Ombre-Elle 
7 Frick Fashion
8 Baba Ei Gnawi
9 Procession Fin


Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار -  Souk System سوق سيستام

01  Métropole
02  Déca-Dance
03  Itchak El Baz
04  Lalla Mira El Gnawia
05 El Hadia
06  Charla-Town
07 Match Bettikh
08 Douga Douga
09 Baraket
10 Ya Laymi
11 Djelsa
12 Tête à tête avec baghdad
13 Saki Baki
14 Guelb Ou Dem


Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار - Koubaraya

3-Grass à l’Herbe
5-L a Franse
7-Sabrina gaz Naturel
8-Gazel au fond de la nuit


Gnawa Diffusion غناوة انتشار - Shock el hal شــوك الــحــال

01 Kambé 
02 Tsadded la7did 
03 L'eau et le feu 
04 Besm el 7aq ou l'amour 
05 Ma kayen ghir ennif 
06 Complices 
07 Do You Remember 
08 Ana barrani
09 Bent el djirane 
10 Ya Malika 
11 L'auvergnat 
12 Malika mouta7adjiba
13 Promesse de mort


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