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Arabian Knightz الفرسان العرب

Egypt, modern land of revolution for peace and empowerment.

In the midst of a murderous political regime, the youth of Egypt adopted hip hop as their voice of resistance. Arabian Knightz, the premier hip hop group from the land of the Nile River and the Pyramids of Giza, have not only established themselves as the lyricists with the sharpest swords in their land, but they also created the most consistently original sound of any Egyptian crew to pick up the mic, a voice for rebellion, strength and hope for the youth of the Middle East.

Arabian Knightz banded together in 2006 through the emcee cipher, hip hop’s natural way of choosing like mindsets on the mic. Rush, Sphinx and E-Money were ahead of their peers, adapting an authentic Arab perspective to the art dominated by Western voices, mixing English and Arabic raps to exemplify their versatility and universality.

After hitting the studio for a few underground tracks and gaining a viral following, AK enlisted super-producer Fredwreck (Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Tha Dogg Pound), an early believer in not only the group but also the entire movement of hip hop in the Middle East. “Fokkak”, the single from this studio session, was an instant hit and projected them to the top ten of the singles charts.

Arab League Records was formed amidst a growing fanbase and numerous collaborations with other Arab hip hop artists, the first international Arab hip hop record label. Desert Saga Volume 1 mixtape was the debut release, led by the “The One”, featuring an amazing Arabic verse from Egypt’s MC Amin, a song and video that has become an international underground favorite.

Arabian Knightz have recorded their debut album, Uknighted State of Arabia, a masterpiece for Arab hip hop years in the making, featuring instrumentals dominated by traditional percussions and players, the first album of its kind. AK have recently released the singles “New Day”, “Knightmarez” and “Desert Queen” featuring Khaled Seleem, as well as collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Steele of Smif n Wesson.

In 2012, Arabian Knightz will break through to the world with the highly anticipated release of Uknighted State of Arabia, touring the globe with their message of peace, empowerment and unity. The revolutionary movement has swept through the Middle East and North Africa and the time for their message is right, a youth movement through hip hop creating a new future against terror and oppression. 

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Desert Saga Mixtape Vol. 1 

 Desert Saga Mixtape Vol. 1 cover art

1 Desert Saga Show Intro
2 Da Knightz
3 The One (Sphinx, MC Amin, Rush, E Money)
4 Electric Chair (Rush, E Money, Sphinx, MC Amin)
5 La ILAHA ILLA ALLAH (MC Amin, Rush, Yasser, Miss Raw)
6 Rakkez Efham Esma3 (MC Amin, E Money, Yasser, Gad)
7 Gladiatorz (Rush, Yasser, 4Fifth, E Money, MC Amin, Deeb)
8 Velocity (MC Amin, E Money, Rush, Niz-R, Yasser, Gad, Deeb, Sphinx)
9 Betrayal (Rush, MC Amin, 4Fifth)
10 3edeeny (Promise) (Rush, MC Amin)
11 Da Beast (MC Amin, Rush)
12 Follow Me (E Money, MC Amin)
13 Wa7ed (MC Amin, E Money)
14 Zai El Matar (Like Rain) (Rush, Yasser)
15 Batal Kesset 7ayato (Deeb, Rush, Yasser)
16 Gazzeh (Rami, Rush, Tamer)
17 AAKKAAAAYYYYY (Arabian Knightz)


Arabian Knightz -Uknighted State of Arabia

1 The Beginning (feat. Saif Essam)
2 Arab
3 Ya Nas (feat. Mahmoud El Lethy)
4 Al Donia Mooled (feat. Mahmoud El Lethy)

5 Min Tani (feat. Latifa)
6 Domoaa Al Madina (feat. MC Amin, Lana)
7 Sisters (feat. Isam Bachiri, Shadia Mansour)
8 Fokkak (feat. Lana, Hossam L Hossainy)
9 My Time (feat. Cilvaringz, Lana S.)
10 Ya Hala Tara (feat. Walaa Sbeit)
11 Es'ha (feat. MC Amin)
12 Donia (feat. Magdy el Hossainy, Amir, Hossam L Hossainy, Nihal Ambar)
13 Ya Allah (feat. Hossam L Hossainy)
14 Behlam Beek (feat. Amir)
15 Prisoner(feat. Shadia Mansour)
16 Wounds of Sorrow (feat. Sofia Baig) 

17 Uknighted



Arabian Knightz - Singles & other songs

01 new day
02 Rebel (Prod. Iron Curtain) feat. Lauryn Hill
03 I Wanna Rock - Feat Snoop Dogg & MC.Amin 
04 Cairo
05 Ehna AL Hokooma 
06 nightmare
07 Wake Up
08 Ayykaay
09 El Hayah Law
10 Knightz Rain
11 Mind Right
12 Nosi El Mafkoud
13 Onshodet El Soyof
14 Twice As Strong
15 Noo


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