lunedì 15 maggio 2017

The Musical Heritage of Morocco : Fatima Kobass فاطمة كوباص

Fatima Kobass فاطمة كوباص - Libgha Habibou اللي بغا حبيبو - La Tansani لا تنساني

Sawt Agadir SA18128 Standard

Side A Libgha Habibou اللي بغا حبيبو
Side B La Tansani لا تنساني


Fatima Kobass فاطمة كوباص - Al Chaykha Fatima Kobass الشيخة فاطمة كوباص


TCK 674

A1 Fine Lahbab فين لحباب
A2 Ya Bidaoua يا بيضاوا
B1 Hajaj al Madina حجاج المدينة 

B2 Madha Jrite ماذا جريت


4 commenti:

  1. This looks great - there's a problem with the Tichkaphone link, though. It's coming up with the message "The provided key is invalid. Please check that the key is correct or ask the creator of the link again." Would love to hear it if you can fix the link or send a key (not sure how it works). Thanks!

  2. Thank you for reporting. Now everything works.

  3. just discovered this great artist thanks !


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