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Zeid Hamdan & Zeid and the Wings

Zeid Hamdan is a Lebanese singer, songwriter, musician, and pioneer of the underground music scene. He was born in Beirut in 1976 
He plays guitar , bass some keys and also sings
He is the music producer behind some of the most successful bands on the Lebanese and regional alternative scene.
Amongst them artists and bands like Soapkills (Arabic trip hop), The New Government (pop rock ),Katibe5 ( arabic Hip hop),Shiftz (Arabic electro) ,Hiba Mansouri (Arabic trip hop), Kanjha Kora (Guineean Pop), Kazamada (Arabic electro pop) , Maryam Saleh (Arabic electro pop) , Dany Baladi (Arabic electro pop) , Miles jay (Oriental ) and recently Maii Waleed.

He also scored the music for the following movies :

Flouss Academy from Ibrahim Lteif (Tunisia ,2013)
Beirut Hotel From Danielle Arbid (Lebanon 2012)
Rehleh from Meyar El Roumi (Syria 2012).
Che gue Vara died in Lebanon from Christina Foerch Saab(Lebanon ,2011)
Hadouta min Sag from Aida Kachef (Egypt,2010)
Yanoosak from Elie Khalife (Lebanon ,2009)
Tangerine from Irene von Alberti (Germany ,2009)
From Beirut with Love from Wael Nureddine (Lebanon,2008)

In July 2012 he was distinguished by CNN as being one one the 8 leading light of Lebanese Culture.
He should release in 2012 an Album for Maryam Saleh and Maii Waleed.

Zeid’s latest venture, Zeid and the Wings, are an eclectic group of musicians and singers that came together gradually over the last year. Zeid placed an ad for ‘backup singers’ in early 2010 and was contacted by vocalists Yasmeen Ayyashi and Sara Barrage. The band has been since been blessed with the talents of guest musicians such as ney player Bashir Saade and keyboardist Rita Okais and was later joined by Lumi’s guitarist Marc Codsi who added his own unique touch to Zeid’s already one-of-a-kind
tracks. Gihan El-Hage, a third vocalist, joined the fledgling project in May of 2010. Today the band tours with musicians of the Syrian star band " Tanjaret Daght " with Khaled Omran on Bass and vocals , Dany SHukri on drums and Tarek Khouloud on keyboards and guitar.

It is hard to define Zeid and the Wings’ repertoire as any one genre. The
band is known for producing Arabic folk , reggae , rock and electro songs
with an edge thanks to the blending of harmonic vocals with innovative
beats , their style delights many tastes and alienates none.

Their 2010 song ‘Generale Suleiman’ became a hit after Italian director Gigi Roccatti
produced and released a video for the song on YouTube. Its reggae beat and
politically ambiguous message have been a big hit both in Lebanon and abroad
and sparked the idea for an Italian tour in January 2011 to promote the
band, the video, and a hit book ‘Beirut, I love you’ by Zena El Khalil.

The band has performed in underground venues in Beirut such as Basement ,EM Chill in Gemayze,Walimat as well as outside Lebanon in Italy’s infamous Cox 18 in Milan, and Rome’s Spa Strike.
has also graced the stage in more commercial venues such as this years Beirut Music and Art Festival in Downtown Beirut as well as performing live on the radio for Radio Liban (Lebanon), Radio Popolare (Milan), and Monocle Radio (UK).
Zeid and the wings were placed at number 5 on Monocles top 10 of best Lebanese Musicians , The band has also been featured in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, The Saudi Gazette, Italy’s ‘La Republica’ Magazine, and Time Out Beirut’s November.2010 edition...

The band released a limited edition EP in December of 2010 and are now
releasing their first long-awaited full album in the summer of 2011. With a
psychedelic cover designed by vocalist Yasmeen Ayyashi, and tracks produced
and mixed by guitarist Marc Codsi, the album is sure to delight Zeid and the
Wings’ followers as well as catch the eye and ear of new listeners.

Zeid and the Wings are:

Zeid Hamdan: Lead Vocals, Guitar,
Marc Codsi: Guitar, Synth, Drum Machine
Dany Shukri :Drums
Tarek Khouloud : Keyboards ,Guitar
Khaled Omran : Bass , vocals
Gihan El-Hage: Vocals, Percussion

(Source :

Zeid and the Wings ep

01. Castles of Sand
02 Hkini
03. General Suleyman
04. Sah el Nom


Zeid and the Wings -  aasfeh

01 ocean
02 aasfeh
03 cowards
04 hikini
05 color divine intro
06 color divine
07 castle of sand
08 rocket
09 lola
10 balekeh

Zeid Hamdan/Shiftz - Collaborations and personal projects

2 balles blues
Ahwak feat Hiba el Mansouri
andoude (feat Kanjia Kouyate)
Askiniha ( Asmahan remixed )
C un probleme
Eskat el Nizam
Eslaha feat Maryam Saleh
hikini the wings master
Jazira final
lola the wings master

Wahdi feat Maryam Saleh
Yalla Tnam feat Hiba el Mansouri

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