domenica 12 agosto 2012

Abdou El Omari عبده العماري

Abdou El Omari was born in Tafraout , Morocco in 1945. He is – as the Google translator puts it – “considered among the pioneer generation of musicians who have tried to move the Moroccan song more appealing to the heavens while keeping its original rhythms.” Abdou El Omari died on March 3rd, 2010 in Casablanca. In the course of his career he has made an album in the 1976 ( Nuits d'été avec Abdou el Omari / ليالي الصيف مع عبده العماري ) and two singles (Fatine / Layali Saif and Rajaat Laayoun/Hind). For many he is the pioneer of the Moroccan psychedelia.


Fatine / Layali Saif - album cover

01 Afrah el Maghreb
02 Fatine
03 Rajaat Laayoun

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